Camus Borderies XO Cognac Gift Set with 2 Tulip Glasses

750ml Bottle

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    Camus La Grande Marque
    40% Alcohol
    Gluten Free
    Product Description

    Camus Borderies XO Cognac Gift Set includes one 750ml Bottle of Camus XO Borderies Cognac and two Tulip Glasses. It is an excellent gift for the holidays!

    Camus XO Borderies Cognac has an amber color. The nose offers floral, sweet, vanilla, almonds, violets, and hazelnuts. The palate has fruity and mellow, sweet pastry, cinnamon, old port, and dried fruits. The grapes used for the production of the Eau-de-vie only come from the Borderies growing area, so it is considered a Single Cru; the used vineyards belong to Jean-Paul Camus.

    The Camus XO Borderies Cognac is a single cru blend from the Borderies terroir, famous for its long finish and full-bodied, rounded flavor. The aromatic and velvet quality of a beautiful Borderies blend is what makes this Cognac a true champion. It is best savored on the rocks or neat to bring out the velvety flavors and aroma. Enjoy!